Tarpon and Other Assorted Fish

Report Date: June 10, 2019

Tarpon season is here and so far its been HOT! I've only had three tarpon charters as most of my customers prefer to target edible fish. However, we were fortunate to jump at least one fish each trip. Id love to say we landed these tarpon but no we did not. The fish gods favored the fish every time. With tarpon you can lose a fish by any of multitudes of reasons. Some were lost when the big fish jumped and threw the lure and some just purely outsmarted the anglers and went under the boat getting the line in the motor which usually doesn't work too well.
Then the west winds came. The areas I fish were so rough and churned up we had trouble spotting fish to cast to.

With the Gulf waters warming up to the mid 80's the sea trout bite has slowed up. The trout are scattered from 3 feet to 12 feet several miles offshore. We are still catching trout but mostly small fish. Out of 30-40 fish caught you may only have 3-6 in the keeper size range. At least its action. My first priority is for customers to have a bent rod. Then hopefully they will have some for the table mixed in.
Most of the trout are being caught on 1/16 ounce Bass Assassin jighead with a Bourbon colored Mirrolure Little John fished slowly near the bottom. I was pleasantly surprised though when we fished some flats in about 5 feet od water with a Cajun Thunder cork rig and picked up several trout up to 19 inches. There were not as many short fish but the trout we caught were good solid keepers.

As we get into the middle of Summer with 100 degree days I always go for mixed bag fishing unless customers have a preference. The rocks, holes and ledges in waters at least 10 feet deep. Drop a shrimp to the bottom and you should catch anything from Grunts to Cobia. Mangrove Snapper spawn this time of year so they too are on the menu.

Scallop season begins July 1 in our area so I will be scalloping in addition to fishing. If you take your boat out to try your hand at scalloping please use extreme care as there will be massive numbers of snorkelers in the water. Slow down to idle speed any time youre within 100 yards of swimmers. Also remember to display your dive flag anytime someone from your boat is in the water.

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