Grouper, Sheepshead and other Wintertime fish

Report Date: December 16, 2020

Gag Grouper fishing has been great on the Gulf coast this season. It seems that's the "talk of the town" lately. Some anglers are getting their limit within minutes of their first bait drop. Pinfish fished on a circle hook on or near bottom structure in 8-30 foot depths has been the key.
If grouper fillets are to be on your future menu, you'd better get moving as the season closes Dec 31. After that you'll have to wait until next summer to try again.

While fishing for grouper be sure to take some fresh shrimp along for bait. You can not only supplement your grouper catch with some nice Grunts but we've already started catching a few Sheepshead. Sheepshead appear to enjoy the colder waters of winter to the point of spawning in Jan-early March. They normally don't show until January but I have had some great catches in late December.

With the Gulf waters cooling off a lot over the past few weeks, some saltwater fish have begun their migration into the coastal rivers of Florida. Most of these rivers are spring fed at their headwaters therefore making for warmer waters than in the Gulf. This attracts many species of saltwater fish into the warm freshwater. Some species however cannot tolerate freshwater and will migrate south until they feel comfortable. These are mainly pelagic fish like Mackerel and bluefish.

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