Scalloping Trips

Scallops are great fun to gather and even better to eat! This is an adventure for the whole family.

Scallop Season:

Scallop season is open from July 1st until approximately mid-September each year.  The crystal clear waters of Homosassa and Crystal River offer some of the best scalloping in Florida.

License Requirements:

You must have a saltwater fishing license to catch scallops.  If you scallop from a licensed guide’s boat such as mine, you are covered under my license and do not need to purchase an additional license.

Catching Scallops:

Scallops are easy to catch! The only equipment you need is a mask, snorkel, fins, and a mesh bag to hold the scallops. Depending on the tides, the water is only about waist deep so you only need to snorkel along until you find them laying in the grass then pick them up and put into your dive bag.

Gear Required:

Due to the variables such as sizes, you are required to provide your own gear. You need a mask, fins, dive bag and snorkel (optional). If you do not have these, there are dive shops in the area that either sell or rent equipment.